Lottie-TedFormer professional horsewoman Lottie Prentice has achieved a lot in her illustrious career as one of the country’s top three-day eventers. A member of the British equestrian team since her early teens, she competed to international acclaim on some of the toughest tracks across the world. She puts much of that success down to her trusty steed Ted.

The eye-catching grey horse, with his seemingly effortless skill for clearing the widest jumps at events such as the Burghley and Badminton Horse Trials, was almost as well recognised as glamorous Lottie herself.

The two of them made a striking pair in the world of eventing, with Lottie’s athletic figure and mane of blonde hair making her an obvious choice to model for the major equestrian sponsors. She and Ted were best known for achieving the speediest cross-country times, with regular wins at the stalwarts of the annual eventing calendar.