‘Night Night My Little Tiger’

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Following the huge success of her debut book, Lottie Prentice has written an exciting new series for children.

The first in the ‘Night Night’ series involves a little boy called William who falls asleep and dreams that he is a tiger. When he wakes up he begins to realise that it might not have been a dream after all…..

Designed to help with language development and to teach children about animals in a fun and imaginative way, this is a must read for all children and parents to aid peaceful sleep.


A Tale of Ted
A very naughty horse
by Lottie Prentice
with illustrations
by Lorna Gray

Not that kind of tail, this kind of tale! This is a tale of a very naughty horse:

“Once upon a time there was a beautiful grey horse called Ted. He was very very handsome. He loved to gallop and jump big fences.”

But Ted was a very, very naughty horse. So naughty in fact that he had to be kept in a stable all on his own and in a field far, far away …”

Ted is a beautiful and talented horse who loves to gallop and jump big fences. He is also very very naughty. He regularly bites the farrier and terrifies the vet. But his antics don’t stop there! Join Rhino the Jack Russell, Barney the owl and the sheep next door and discover just how naughty Ted can be …


Ben MillerBen Miller says::

“Ted is a naughty horse, but somehow people always forgive him. Why that rings so true with my three-year-old is a mystery. Like the mischievous Ted himself, this bright jewel of a book will steal your heart at a gallop!”

Ben Miller is an English comedian, actor and director. He received a coveted special preview edition of the book.